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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to Slipcover University

Just a little blog for people with slipcovers on the brain, like me.

I hope to hear from folks who are using a Slipcover University  DVD or book.   I just sent a package to Dede O'Hair, a veteran of one of my classes at the Slipcover Summit. She turned up last week on the Workroom Association of America newsgroup. 

Or maybe we will hear soon from Carolyn Bentley, in Hamilton, GA.  Carolyn plans to cover a sofa with two seat and two back cushions.  She sent photos and measurements; I made up a custom kit of instructions with lots of pictures to show her how to cut and assemble her cover.  With this and the cushion DVD she is all set to start a new look in her family room!!!

.  There are lots of slipcover instructions and patterns out there.  You can find them in fabric stores, as well as online.  If you find something  that is more complete or easily followed than the SCU items, I will send back your money so soon it will make your eyes water.

In the meantime, please take a look at the SCU catalog.  Even if you aren't planning to make your own covers, you might find some terrific ideas, like the monogrammed dining chairs, or my new custom made patterns. For instance, make a folding chair look like a million bucks$$$...




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